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Manually Install EC05 Froyo Update On Sprint Samsung Epic 4G

While the Froyo update for the Samsung Epic 4G is gradually ending up on the devices via OTA updates gradually, not everyone can make their peace with that, especially not when there is a manual method at hand. This has been made possible by Android Central forum member Paul627g who has not only released the flashable version of this update, but it even comes pre-rooted ridding you of the need to root your device if you were to wait for an OTA updare from Sprint! For more on the EC05 update and how to install it on your device, read on!


To make things even better, the update can be found as a Wipe version and a Non Wipe version. The Non Wipe version can be installed on an older version of Éclair you might be running, or any unsigned or leaked version of Froyo for your device. Yes, flashing the Non Wipe version will not wipe your data.

Heard enough? Lets get your Epic 4G updated!

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

Update: Unfortunately, the download links to the firmware are broken, and we were unable to find alternatives. If you do, please do share with us. If you wish to install the Gingerbread OS that proceeds Froyo, head over to our guide on installing Gingerbread on the Epic 4G.


  • ODIN installed on your PC: Download
  • Samsung USB drivers installed. Download USB drivers for 32 bit Windows | 64 bit Windows.
  • EC05 Froyo update for Epic 4G, Wipe version | Non Wipe version


  1. To begin, extract the EC05x DXC.tar.rar file to a folder of your choice and locate the file, EC05x_DXC.tar.md5.
  2. That done, now turn off your phone.
  3. Now we need to boot your phone into download mode. Do that by holding the number 1 key on the physical keyboard and pressing the Power button.
  4. Once the phone is in download mode, start ODIN and plug your phone into the pc via the USB cable. You should see a Yellow highlight in the COM box in ODIN telling you that the phone is connected.
  5. Now click on the PDA box in ODIN and select the EC05x_DXC.tar.md5.
  6. Make sure only Auto Reboot is checked and nothing else.
  7. Click on Start and the flashing process will begin. Once it completes, the COM box will light up as green and you will see a Pass message. The phone will reboot itself into the freshly installed Froyo.

That’s it! This was too simple to be waiting for an OTA update no? For more on this update and for any queries, head on to the forum thread at Android Central.


  1. That happened to me too. I think I let it sit in the Power + 1 mode too long before trying to flash. I did it again and everything worked fine.

  2. That happened to me to. I just did it again and everything worked. I think I let it sit in 1 + Power mode too long before applying the flash.

  3. thx helped so much!!! Had to flash this to avoid a bad rom install that caused a bootloop 🙁

    everything is all better now though

  4. i tried the update, it failed and now i have a black screen with a picture of a phone, a computer, and a yellow caution sign in between them. please help!!!

  5. ALERT…ALERT… The links to the wiped and non wiped download are reversed!!! Click on the downloads and read in the upper left and it will say. Be very careful.

    • Thanks alot for pointing that our Darell! Cannot stress enough.
      However the links have been corrected now and should work fine. Keep visiting us!

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