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Map Measure: Find Out Area & Distance Between Any Two Places [iOS]

Many people use maps pretty regularly on their iPhone, but it is always nice to have something out of the ordinary in your daily routine. While commuting to work or travelling to any new place, have you ever wondered how long will it take to get there? You can do that by plotting the route in the stock Maps app in iOS, but that’s where its ability to measure ends. In fact, there are many other things that maps can tell us, just if you have the right kind of app. Map Measure is one such app. This stock maps alternative will let you find out the exact distance between two points on the map, as well as the area of any polygon you define on the map, all of that in units of your choice.

Map Measure Area Map Measure Distance Map Measure Options

Map Measure offers first-time users a complete and interactive tutorial, using which you can familiarize yourself with the working and features of the app. The app works in two modes, Distance and Area. To measure distance, you have to define any two points on the map, while area can be measured by placing any number of pins anywhere on the map. It is possible to place a pin and then measure, or you can choose the mode and then place pins. The mode selection can be done by tapping the pin icon in the bottom right corner of the app. Also in that menu are options to see your current location on the map, share it over email and view helpful hints regarding the app.

To place measurement pins, just tap and hold over the desired area. You can fine-tune the pins’ position by tapping them once and using the arrows which show up next to it. To remove the previous polygon when measuring areas, there is the delete icon in the bottom bar. You can save any measurement easily, and to view them later, hit the Load button in the options menu. From the top bar, it is possible to change the units of measurement, and there are plenty of those available in Map Measure, both for distance and area. Looking for measurement of a particular location? Use the search button to fly straight to it on the app’s map.

Map Measure is a simple but useful app, and what’s even better about it is that you can grab it for free by heading to the following link.

Download Map Measure

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