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MediaSpeak: Hear The Name Of Each Song As It Starts Playing [Cydia]

Having an iOS device without music is like having French fries without ketchup. There are many things you can use your iPhone for, looking at the number of apps available in the App Store, but a large portion of most people’s day is spent listening to songs on their iPhone or iPod touch. Due to this fact, there are many apps and Cydia tweaks that allow users to make the stock Music app a bit more useful and efficient than it already is. Every music-related tweak might not bring features that are too important, but most of them are useful to some extent. MediaSpeak is one such tweak for jailbroken iOS devices, and with this tweak, you will be able to hear the name of each song every time the next track in your playlist starts playing. This can be really useful if your phone is in your pocket, or if your attention is not on the screen.

MediaSpeak Cydia MediaSpeak Settings

MediaSpeak is available in the BigBoss repository of the Cydia store, from where you can grab it as a free download. Once it has been installed, the tweak will just add a new menu in the stock Settings app, with no changes apparent to the Springboard. By default, MediaSpeak is disabled and you will have to switch it on from its menu. The menu of MediaSpeak consists of just one button, Enable, and through it, you can toggle the tweak on and off.

After MediaSpeak has been turned on, start playing any song from the music library of your iDevice, and you will hear a voice saying “Now Playing” followed by the song and artist name. This will happen regardless of whether you are playing the song on earphones or on speaker. So if you like listening to music on your iPhone while you are working out or driving, MediaSpeak is just the thing you need. The only minor problem we see with using the tweak is that you will miss a few seconds of the song’s beginning. Fortunately, MediaSpeak does not take too long to finish speaking, so this should not prove to be an issue in most cases. A really handy tweak, and with a price tag of $0, certainly worth a download. We are not sure if the tweak will work in case you use it while listening to music on a third-party app, but even if it doesn’t, having such a useful option for the stock Music app should be a really good thing for most users.

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