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Meshin Recall Lets You Tag Evernote Notes To Calendar Events [Android]

Evernote is undoubtedly one the simplest, most powerful and commonly used cross-platform note-taking apps around. Despite being hugely successful and popular among both desktop and mobile users, the app currently does not support integration with calendars; a massive drawback for users who wish to associate content-rich notes with their calendar events. Meshin Recall is a free Android app that fills this void, and in a very efficient manner at that. Effectively a calendar event aggregating app, Meshin Recall lets you view all your events from various calendars in one place, and more importantly, offers the option of adding a new ‘Evernote’ with the required event. Notes created via Meshin Recall can be edited directly via the official Evernote Android client, and shared from within the app itself. That’s not all; the app also lets you view only those calendar events that carry an Evernote with them and sports a built-in Evernote toolbar, which lets you access various features of the note-taking service from within the app. With Meshin Recall, you don’t have to be content with adding plain text descriptions to your calendar events, or wait any longer for Evernote to provide calendar integration.

As the app’s welcome screen will confirm, you must have the official Evernote client installed on your Android device in order to use Meshin Recall. A link to the app’s Android Market page has been provided at the end of the post.

Meshin-Recall-Android-LogIn Meshin-Recall-Android-Calendars

With that prerequisite fulfilled, you can sign in using your Evernote account. The screen that follows prompts you to select the calendars that you wish to sync with the app. Next, it’s a brief help screen that walks you through the app’s various features, followed by the Start Using Recall! button which takes you to the app’s homescreen, wherein you can see the entire week’s events fetched from your calendars.

Meshin-Recall-Android-Help Meshin-Recall-Android-Homescreen

Dragging/scrolling the screen downwards reveals past events, whereas doing the opposite shows upcoming ones. The color-coded bars besides various events help you identify events synced from specific calendars. Provided you already have an event listed for a particular day, all you need to do is tap the note icon displayed alongside the event, and jump to the Evernote to add required notes within the selected Notebook. Tapping the same icon lets you create an event from scratch as well.

Meshin-Recall-Android-Filter Meshin-Recall-Android-Settings

Tapping the Evernote icon at the top reveals a drop-down menu that provides you access to various features of the service, whereas the button beside it displays events that have an Evernote associated with them.

The green icon beside an event lets you open/edit it via Evernote, or share it with your colleagues. All notes created using the combination of Meshin Recall and Evernote carry the ‘calendar’ tag so that you can easily access/identify your event-associated notes within the Evernote client with.

To manage your Evernote and calendar accounts, notebook preferences, and various other settings, hit Menu > Settings.

Download Meshin Recall for Android

Update: Meshin Recall is now available in the iTunes App Store, too. It’s free and required iOS v5.0 or higher to run.

Download Meshin Recall for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


  1. Great App, but I have Meshin Recall on 2 devices, can Meshin Recall be synchronised on both rather than adding the Evernote links seperately on both devices?

  2. Great to spot this one! It certainly has made a good start but needs more control over default date format used for the note. But hey – it’s early days. Who knows these geniuses may produce that other missing link for Evernote – a calendar based journal. Well, we can all dream . . .

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