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MemoCenter: Compose Notes Quickly With This NC Widget [Cydia]

There aren’t many of us who use our iPhone to create lengthy documents, and most of the times all that is needed is an app which will let you jot down something when you are in a hurry. Although the stock Notes app in iOS is pretty good, mostly you don’t need to create a whole new note if you have to note down a person’s name or some other such data, and it isn’t an intuitive way to create a whole new note to write just a single line. That’s why Windows 7 has sticky notes, and many similar apps exist for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well, but the fact of the matter remains; they are all apps, and it takes a few moments to launch them and make a new note. This is the problem MemoCenter addresses. The new Cydia tweak adds a widget to the Notification Center in iOS 5, and you can start writing within that widget just by sliding down NC.

MemoCenter Cydia MemoCenter Copy

There are many tweaks in the Cydia store, which let users perform a variety of tasks in the Notification Center, but there are very few which endow NC with as comprehensive a capability as MemoCenter. The widget works as a standalone tweak, and is independent of any other widgets. To get the tweak, go to the Cydia store, and there you will find MemoCenter in the BigBoss repo. After it has been installed, you will be taken back to the Cydia store. Exit it, and respring your device (via SBSettings or any other method). Once you have done that, go to the Notifications menu located within the stock Settings app. From there, you will have to enable the MemoCenter widget.

As soon as the widget is enabled, it will appear in the Notification Center. It comes with three options in its sidebar, including Copy, Delete and Close. To enter text, just tap within the widget’s enclosed area. To export the created note, you can use the copy button in the sidebar, while the close button will serve the purpose of dismissing the keyboard. Using MemoCenter you will only be able to create one note at a time, and to start on a new one you will have to discard the previous note via the delete button.

MemoCenter is a free tweak, and it can turn out to be a useful addition to your iDevice NC in a variety of situations.

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