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Message Icons: Compose SMS & Emails Via Springboard Shortcuts [Cydia]

If you are a smartphone user, you must have realized the importance of performing a task in the least possible steps. To most of the people, it might not appear to be a critical thing if an app takes a few extra seconds to launch, but once this lost time begins accumulating, you are sure to get a bit annoyed at your phone’s slowness. That is where shortcuts have the potential to come into play. iOS takes special care to provide its users with shortcuts wherever possible. The popularity of Cydia tweaks like SBSettings is a testament to the usefulness of shortcuts on an iPhone. Back in the days of dumb-phones, shortcuts on mobile devices were pretty common. A tap of the down key would take you to the ringtones menu, or a long-press of hash key launched the messaging options. Message Icons aims to achieve a similar functionality by allowing jailbroken users to compose a new text or e-mail right from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s Springboard.

Message Icons ShortcutsMessage Icons

We will be the first to admit that this set of Cydia tweaks is nothing as influential as SBSettings, but they can do things soe of the huge tweaks can’t, albeit rather small things. You can get this free tweak from the Big Boss repo over at the Cydia store. It does not makes a lot of fuss in getting the job done. Once you have installed it to your iDevice, the only change that will appear on your device is the addition of two new icons; one for SMS and the other for emails.

When you tap the New SMS icon, it will take you to the Messaging app’s Write New page, ready to take your text input. Similarly the New Mail icon will lead you to Compose Mail part of your default mailing service. On the surface, these options might appear too trivial or pointless to some users, but once you get used to the convenience and time-saving that this tweak offers, you will definitely come to appreciate it. There are no Settings menu for both these tweaks, as everything about them has been designed to work without any configuration requirements. The only area where the tweaks can be improved is gesture control, as such a functionality is just screaming for gesture control. Another useful thing can be the addition of the option to let users add a default contact for both tweaks, thereby reducing another step in most cases.

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