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Messages2PDF: Backup iPhone SMS & iMessage Threads On Email [Cydia]

Messages2PDF might not be the first option available to iOS users for backing up their text messages, but it certainly is one of the most convenient solutions yet. If you text a lot, and happen to be a fan of the Cydia store as well, then you should know that every so often you have to do something with your iPhone which leads to the loss of all your text messages, like when you have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With the advent of iMessage, the problem of exporting and backing up your messages has spread to the all iOS devices, rather than just iPhone. So, Messages2PDF might be the perfect Cydia app for you if you want to export your messages in textual form, and with complete ease.

Messages2PDF Messages2PDF File Generate Messages2PDF Mail

The app can be downloaded from the Big Boss repo in the Cydia store, and will cost you $1.49, but the efficiency and convenience it brings to your life is priceless. Once installed, Messages2PDF will appear on the Springboard of your iDevice as an app icon. Before doing anything else, make sure that you have an email account set up on your iPhone, as otherwise the app will keep crashing. To start exporting your messages, launch the app, and Messages2PDf will import all your SMS and iMessage data automatically. You can export multiple threads simultaneously, but it is better if you choose one thread at a time. This is due to the fact that the PDF exported by Messages2PDF does not list the name of the message’s receiver or sender, and if you choose to export multiple threads in one file, you wont be able to tell that to which conversation does an individual text belong.

To select any thread, just tap the contact name displayed in the list. Once you have selected the desired conversations, tap the Go On button in the top right corner of the screen. The next screen just has one big button, labeled Generate PDF. The app will get your text file ready, and a draft will appear in your email. You can add recipients, CC & BCC in the mail, along with any text you might want to add. Once the mail has been sent, the PDF file attached with it will contain the contents of the thread’s messages, along with the timestamps.

Messages2PDF presents a neat solution to a very common problem, and is definitely worth the price.


  1. Sorry developer, your product is garbage. Crashing to homescreen every time I try to use it. Give me my money back, nobody wants your useless app. I even tried in safe mode, and after several restarts. This app is GARBAGE don’t waste your time. I didn’t realize till it was already installing that you’re the one who made those other two useless apps. You know which ones I’m talking about..

  2. AMAZING!!! I have been searching for weeks for an app or solution (using the backup file on my computer) for something to export the Emoji.  See, I am trying to make a book for my fiance of all our texts (years worth on my iPhone still in tact) but emoji is a big part.  NOTHING came close to doing this until now.  Gladly pay the 1.50.  What an awesome valentines day present she is going to have!! Thanks to the developer.

    • Andy, that’s exactly what I want to do! How did you do this? I can’t even find the file to download.

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