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Messaging Emoticons: Send SMS Using The Full Range Of WP7 Emoticons

Mango is pretty old now, but you might recall that Windows Phone 7’s fruity update caused quite a stir when it was released. In addition to some major changes in Mango, a few minor, but equally welcome, features were introduced as well. Once such feature was the introduction of graphical emoticons to WP7. There is a minor problem though, the stock keyboard does not list all the available emoticons, and it is almost impossible to memorize all of them (despite Microsoft’s release of WP7 emoticon cheat sheet). That’s where an app like Messaging Emoticons can prove to be really useful. Using this free app you can copy all Mango-supported smileys, and the app also has the option to let its users compose their SMS within it and then export to the Messaging hub.

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The app has a rather simplistic interface, giving it a look which is closer to the stock Messaging hub. There is a text editor within Messaging Emoticons, and you can compose your text messages within it. The difference is that the app has a bar on top of the text area, and you can view all the emoticons by sliding the bar. There is another way of using the smileys as well, and that is to change the page mode. To do that, tap the icon in the top right corner, and a thorough list of all Mango smileys will be displayed in their graphical form. The smiley will be automatically copied to clipboard as soon as you tap it. From there you can use it in the app’s text editor, in the Messaging hub, or just about any other area where text can be input. If the text you have written in the app’s text area is meant to be sent as an SMS, tap the middle icon in the bottom bar once you are done, and everything you have written (including the emoticons) will be exported to the Messaging hub as a new text.

As WP7 supports a lot of smileys, it is impractical to load the whole list while typing. So, Messaging Emoticons supports categorization of the listed emoticon under different types like Happy, Hands, Romantic, etc. If you want to paste the created snippet to a place other than the SMS menu, you can use the big copy button next to the text box in the app, and then use the contents anywhere you want.

Messaging Emoticons is a free app, though ad-supported, and if you are a fan of emoticons, you are sure to find it useful.

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