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Metafy For iPhone Uses Metacritic To Rate Music On Spotify

The official Spotify website boasts that the popular music service has about 15 million tracks in its humongous library. This is awesome when you know what exactly you’re looking for (or at least have a vague idea) but if you just want to spend some time listening to quality music, good luck browsing through all those tracks! That’s where Metafy enters the scene. Metafy is a music discovery app for iOS which uses MetaCritic’s (a popular music rating service) data to rank Spotify songs according to a variety of criteria. So if you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user and want to discover quality music you are yet to listen to, Metafy is for you.

MetafyHigh Scores

The screenshot you see above pretty much sums up Metafy. It can be thought of as a rating system for Spotify tracks. The app is not, however, officially affiliated with MetaCritic or Spotify.

So coming to the app’s actual working, it is a pretty simple app covering the essentials and doing what it is supposed to do in an uncluttered, efficient way. There are two main sections in the app. You can browse latest releases timeline-wise, or based on the scores those releases have been given. The other option is to browse tracks on the basis of their all-time scores. This isn’t restricted to just new releases, but all the songs on Spotify.

Release by ScoreRelease by DateAll Time High

The timeline browsing is pretty handy if you want to keep pace with the latest tracks hitting the market. The High Scores allows you to see which track was the most popular in any given year.

There are a lot of other music discovery services available for iOS as well, but Metafy is a bit different from all its competitors owing to the fact that it is not an interest-based search engine. The songs suggested by the app are those that have been appreciated the most among mainstream users. Having said that, Metafy is not a perfect app by any means. The app would have been a lot more useful if it came with customizable filters. Say, filters that allowed you to view the highest scored releases of a particular genre or artist. But even as it is right now, the app is certainly worth a try for all you music-lovers out there. And you have nothing to lose, as Metafy is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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