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Meteoric – Download Manager / Alternate Browser For iPhone & iPad

Has this ever happened to you that your net connection gave out during a download, or you had to leave a download unfinished for any reason? This can be quite a heartbreaking happening, seeing your hours worth of waiting and patience going down the drain. For this exact purpose, download managers are widely in use today. Safari in iOS isn’t resume supported by default, also there are sometimes lengthy procedures which need to be followed in order to be able to grab the file you want to download. At times it’s convenient to download a file on your desktop computer, but it gives you a pretty tough time when trying to download from your iPhone or iPad (who can forget “video can not be played on Mobile” error). If you are an iDevice user and have suffered from all these issues, then Meteoric is the answer to your prayers.

Meteoric Browser ViewMeteoric Browsing Options

Meteoric aims to bring convenience to your iLife by providing you with simple and extremely uncomplicated downloads. If you are running Meteoric you are most likely to forget that you are using a download manager instead of a web browser. It doesn’t just give you searching options for download links, it takes you to a whole webpage. Once there, simply tap the download button located next to the address bar and Meteoric will start doing the work for you.

Meteoric Page SaveMeteoric Downloads

Meteoric also has its very own media player where you can play the files you download, directly from within the app. If download is not activated on a particular link, for example a streaming video, you can download that too by simply pasting the URL of the page in the download dialog box. Among the flood of options available with Meteoric, Firefox syncing and DropBox integration are the ones which let you manage your downloads with utmost ease and allow you to keep them saved on the go.

Options like web2pdf and zipping of webpages bring some welcome extra functionality to the mix.

All in all, Meteoric Download Manager is a must-have for any iDevice user. If you are used to downloading lots of files each day, go grab this charming piece of wizardry at the App Store (both paid and free versions are available for iPhone and iPad).

Download Meteoric Lite for iPhone (Free)

Download Meteoric (Paid)

Download Meteoric HD Lite (Free)

Download Meteoric HD (Paid)

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