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Metrogram: View & Share Instagram Photos From Windows Phone 7

Instagram is the famous photo sharing service for iOS, and as yet, users of no other platform have got an official client for it. Android has many third-party clients for the service, like Streamzoo, but Windows Phone 7 does not even have that – not until now, at least. Metrogram is a new WP7 app, using which, you can view photos from Instagram, along with their comments and other relevant data. The app also allows sharing those photos with your social network.

Metrogram WP7 Metrogram

Before you get too excited, be warned that Metrogram comes with a pretty limited set of functions. There is no way of searching for a particular keyword, or even navigate to a given tag. You can just view those photos that the app itself comes up with. However, if you want, you can keep refreshing the collage of loaded photos to get new ones. As soon as you start up Metrogram, the first batch of photos is loaded, but before that, you have to allow the app to use your Internet connection. That setting can later be toggled by swiping to the left of the main screen. To refresh the current collection of loaded photos, you just have to tap the rainbow camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

Metrogram Photo Metrogram Photo Comments Metrogram Photo Share

To view any photo, just tap it, and you will be taken to its dedicated page. The information attached to each photo includes the name of the uploader, time since it has been on Instagram and the filter attached to it. You can also view the tags which are included in a photo, but unfortunately, those tags just show up as plain text, and there is no way of viewing other photos filed under those tags. Tapping the comments or likes heading takes you to a separate section, displaying the feedback a picture has received from other users. The sharing options offered by Metrogram are pretty good as well, and after adding a title and message to a photo, you can share it via email, Twitter or Facebook. The URL of the pic will also be displayed on the sharing page, so you can send the link to anyone, or just keep it saved for your own use.

The app supports two themes, and you can choose between them in the Settings menu. Metrogram sure can use a big update, but it’s a good start, and doesn’t cost you anything, so feel free to give it a try by going to the web Marketplace link below.

Download Metrogram


  1. Please help I downloaded Metrogram on my phone and now I am unable to post photos. It keeps telling me my account is invalid.

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