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Microsoft HealthVault For WP7: Track Your Fitness & Medical History

Keeping records of medical tests, appointments and medication is never easy, especially in case of some chronic ailment. Simple charts for small things like temperature and blood pressure can become hard to manage, once they grow in size. Wouldn’t it be a relief if we could take care of all our health issues in our Windows Phone 7 on the go? Microsoft HealthVault has just released its mobile client for Windows Phone 7, where you can constantly consult and update medical information about yourself, and your loved ones, with just a tap of your finger.


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To use HealthVault, you can either sign in with your existing account for the service, or create a new one. Logging in through Facebook is also supported, but that’s hardly a surprise, considering how the social giant is deeply-integrated with most platforms these days. Start charting your medical profile, along with profiles of your loved ones. You can create categories for your medical conditions, from allergies to immunizations etc. Tap add a new person to store medical records of your friends and family, or see all people whose health is of importance to you.

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You can track your blood pressure on daily, as well as monthly basis to see how your cardiovascular system has been faring lately. Views supported include a graphical chart of blood pressure, along with a tabular record, which shows details of the the time and dates you took your blood pressure on. Apart from hardcore medical data, you can also track your general fitness with Microsoft HealthVault by storing your weight/height, and the increase or decrease in it over a period of time. You can also store details of all the medication you are taking, or had been taking in the past, which can be a great help if you start suffering side effects from some pills you just started taking. Search is also available for medications on the internet, along with their potency.

Microsoft HealthVault is available for download at the Windows Phone Marketplace for free at the link below.

Download Microsoft Health Vault

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