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Microsoft Insider Mango Update Brings Tips, Ringtones & App Suggestions [WP7]

Insider has been around for quite a while as it is Microsoft’s official app for getting users started with their Windows Phone 7 devices. But frankly, it wasn’t really worthwhile, covering a few very basic aspects of this amazing platform which in no way did justice to it. But with Mango just round the corner, change is in the air. The Mango update of Insider has just been released, and it brings a bucket of welcome changes to the app.


Insider has expanded its range of coverage to several areas now. But before we get to that, for those who don’t know what Insider is, here is its functionality in a nutshell: Insider strives to keep you in touch with the official world of WP7. It brings you the latest tips and tricks regarding the OS, suggests the apps and games which are currently hot in the Marketplace.

Ringtone SuggestionsApps SuggestionsTips

But that was the pre-Mango version of the app. Now the categories cover the following:

  • Tips: This section contains the things you might need to get started with a new phone, or even if you are an experienced user, you might find something interesting here.
  • Apps: A few days back, we covered App Flow which was an amazing app discovery service for Windows Phone 7. While the Apps section of Insider might not be as comprehensive as App Flow, it effectively serves the same purpose, namely, suggesting new apps in the market which are currently popular with users.
  • Games: Pretty similar to the Apps section. It displays games currently trending in the Marketplace.
  • Wallpapers: Personally I love the Bing search engine integrated with WP7, even though I never used Bing before I got my Samsung Omnia 7. The one and only reason for it is the constantly changing backgrounds Bing search sports along with interesting tidbits of information. Insider offers you all these images to be downloaded as wallpapers to your phone.
  • Ringtones: That’s right. Ringtones! Mango has finally solved the long-standing issues of using ringtones other than the ones provided by default (as we covered earlier). Insider makes use of this new ability and offers 5 new ringtones each month which can be downloaded to your device’s ringtones section simply by tapping the ‘+’ button in front of each tone.

The app remains free, of course. If you have Mango installed on your Windows Phone, follow the Zune link provided below to download the app to your phone.

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