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Microsoft Releases MSN Onpoint Client For Windows Phone 7

MSN Onpoint is a service by Microsoft that focuses exclusively on women. It can be thought of as an alternate MSN homepage where you can find articles, stories, videos and just about anything that is related to women. Available only on iOS up until now, the mobile client for MSN Onpoint now has a Windows Phone 7 variant as well. The app taps into a lot of sources (newspapers, blogs, magazines) and gathers the best content in one place, so that you don’t have to scour the entire web manually to find things that truly interest you.

To personalize the service, you can sign in to the app with your Facebook or Windows Live account. But even without that, the app makes for a good read. You can view the editor’s pick in the Featured section, or the latest additions to Onpoint under New this week. The items that appear in Onpoint can be articles, just photos or videos. While viewing any item, you can bookmark it by hitting the add to favorites button or share it over any of your accounts, including Facebook, Twitter or via email.

MSN Onpoint WP7 MSN Onpoint WP7 Featured MSN Onpoint WP7 Weekly

There are also a few pre-defined categories in the app and you can view everything filed under them. Each category also lists numerous sources. You get the option to choose from among them to read the material you think will be of interest to you. The Onpoint app puts special emphasis on getting your current location so that it presents you with content that relates to your area.

MSN Onpoint WP7 Category MSN Onpoint WP7 Article

Being an official MSN app, Onpoint is absolutely free. You can get it at the Web Marketplace link provided below.

Download MSN Onpoint

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