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Microsoft Releases Official SkyDrive App For Windows Phone 7 & iOS

Almost every smartphone these days has its own cloud solution. Google has cloud services for its Android platform, while iCloud exists for iPhone users. Microsoft, however, has gone an extra mile, and has released its official SkyDrive cloud storage service app for both Windows Phone 7 and iOS. With Microsoft SkyDrive app installed on your Windows Phone/iOS device, you can view existing files in your SkyDrive account, upload photos, or create new folders on the go. SkyDrive app demarcates your personal and shared folders in your files collection view. Details after the break.

sky drive travels sky drive documents

You can feel a slight difference in the user interface of the SkyDrive app for WP7 and iOS, where ease of access has an edge in the Windows Phone version over the other. Take the thumbnail view option, for instance, which can be readily accessed with a tap at the thumbnail button at the bottom menu in Windows Phone 7, whereas in iOS, you have to tap the share button at the top right to do so.

skydrive ios files iOS version skydrive

However, the scales are set even with iOS supporting video uploads to SkyDrive, something that is amiss in WP7, where only photo uploading is possible. You can delete a folder in SkyDrive by pressing an icon long enough, or swipe over it, as WP7 and iOS (respectively) natively operate. SkyDrive also lets you make any folder or file public, or share with friends through email, in both platforms.

The fact that SkyDrive is available on both iOS and Windows Phone 7 can definitely bridge some gap between these two distinct smartphone platforms, particularly for cloud sharing and storage. Hopefully, users of both these platforms shall benefit from it. It is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace and iTunes App Store, as the links below direct.

Download SkyDrive for WP7

Download SkyDrive for iOS


  1. But, alas, not for the largest and most lucrative smartphone market of all:  ANDROID

    Oy.  Microsoft.  What ARE they thinking?!? [shakes head in disbelief]

    Hopefully, an Android app will soon follow.  Until then, there are a few third-party tools…

    …just search for “skydrive” (without the quotes) on either the Android Market or AppBrain.  The first one shown, “Skydrive Browser,” seems pretty okay.  Of course, NOTHING will work with Skydrive like something created by its own maker, Microsoft.  Hopefully it will make something for Android soon.

    Of the third-party developers out there, though, the guys who make “Skydrive Explorer” (aka, “SDExplorer” and “Cloud Explorer”) seem like the most logical people to put together a terrific Android version of that tool.  It’s REALLY nice, as third-party Skydrive-capable tools go.  I could not more strongly recommend it, if that’s what one’s looking for.

    Skydrive’s of particular interest, of course, because of its whopping 25GB of FREE cloud storage space.  Sadly, the limits it puts on what can/can’t be uploaded to it, and how it’s accessed, etc., almost makes the little 2GB to usually not more than 10GB of free cloud storage of SEVERAL other services more attractive.  So, go figure.

    [sigh]  Oh, well.  Microsoft obviously wants people to purchase Win7 phones.  It knows, no doubt, that no iPhone user would ever be tempted to get one, and so it could safely create an iPhone app alongside its Win7 app.  But Android’s a true threat to Microsoft…

    …so, who knows, maybe a good Skydrive Android app from Microsoft will NEVER happen.  Time will tell.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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