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Microsoft’s WPDev Feedback Gathers Improvement Suggestions From Devs

Microsoft was smart to start their WP7 feedback page alongside the release of Mango. The feedback hub provides a place for users to voice their opinions about features missing from the metro platform. Not only that, users have extensively used the forum as a place to report known issues and bugs plaguing WP7, and now, Microsoft has decided to take things one step further with the launch of the WPDev Feedback app, which focuses exclusively on developers. The app is all about gathering new suggestions from developers, and providing a discussion platform for the dev community.

WPDevFeedback WPDevFeedback Top Ideas

If you have a developer account for WP7, it will make the use of this app all the more productive, but even for non-dev users who are interested in the latest advancements in WP7, WPDev Feedback can turn out to be an interesting read. The app starts up with the tiles for forums, categorized on the basis of regions, while a few are related to certain topics. With an account, any user can add new ideas to any of the forums. In the Top Ideas section of the app, those suggestions are displayed which have received the most votes (much like the web feedback page). To view any particular suggestion in detail, and to add your votes to it, you have to go to its dedicated page. User comments are also shown on every suggestion page. The Hot Ideas and New Ideas tabs display developer suggestions, as well. You can back any of them up, and MS just might listen to your demands.

WPDevFeedback User Voting WPDevFeedback Suggest

Apart from the forums on the homepage of the app, WPDev Feedback lists forums and suggestions based on categories. If you want to know about the expected additions to a particular field related to Windows Phone, you can view it here. The categories range from Emulator to API, and include every aspect of WP7 the developers might be interested in. The app can also be used by developers as a place where they can keep their own ideas saved as soon as they hit upon something new. Those ideas can then be shared with anyone later.

WPDev Feedback has the potential of becoming a birthplace of great things regarding Microsoft’s mobile platform, but only if MS pays attention to the suggestions presented by developers there. The app is free, and can be downloaded from the Web Marketplace link given below.

Download WPDev Feedback

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