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Microsoft’s Dance*Cam Converts Your Videos Into Dancing Hits [WP7]

If you have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, then you have probably played the famous game Dance Central. As it turned out to be a real hit in the market, Microsoft released the second installment of the title in October last year. It looks like the people over in Redmond are really serious about the game, as they have just released a companion app for Dance Central 2 in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Dance*Cam is pretty similar to the original game in some aspects, but you don’t necessarily need to be a player of Dance Central to use the app. As a standalone app, Dance*Cam will let you convert your plain videos into spectacular dance clips, by automatically adding effects to any recorded clip.

DanceCam WP7 Song choice WP7

The first thing you are sure to notice about Dance*Cam is its amazing interface. The background and some other features are pretty reminiscent of the app’s parent game. The app lists a few songs, and for each song, an animated character teaches you the dance moves for the track. The current collection of songs is rather limited, with less than ten songs present. However, the main idea is to teach you a few moves, and the example songs are more than sufficient for doing that. Once you have satisfactorily learned from the animated teacher, you can start shooting a video of your own.

DanceCam Moves DanceCam List DanceCam Windows Phone

To start shooting the dancing exploits of yourself and your friends, go to the shooting mode, chose a song to which you want to perform, and the app will record a short clip. After that comes the waiting part, as the video is sent to Dance*Cam servers to be processed (hence, would require an active internet connection). This, at times, can take up to 15 minutes, but luckily, you are free to do anything in the app in the meantime, and are not stuck at the “processing” page. If you have connected the app with your Facebook account, you can upload your processed dance videos straight to the social networking service, and challenge any of your friends to a dance-off. Dance*Cam also has a separate menu for Dance Central 2, where you can purchase the game for your Xbox, and also get other relevant news and updates on its forum.

It has to be admitted, that the processing time is a bit too much for videos shot in Dance*Cam, but overall, this free app is a pretty neat addition to the Marketplace.

Download Dance*Cam for Windows Phone

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