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Microsoft’s Map Stalt For WP7 – Tag / Edit Locations On OpenStreetMaps

Here’s another one of Microsoft’s official Windows Phone 7 apps. If you are a WP7 user (and probably even if you’re not), you must know that WP7 devices come integrated with Bing search and extensively make use of OpenStreet maps to help users in navigation and location tracking. Like any other map, OpenStreet has a certain range and a maximum level of detail to which you can propagate. For instance, it will tell you about a certain road’s particulars, but what about the buildings and places on that road? This is the issue that MapStalt Mini addresses. This nifty, little app is meant to be used as a companion for the Maps hub, as you will be able to get detailed data regarding any place you come across on the maps. MapStalt Mini acts as a combination of yellow pages, maps app, navigational tool and glossary for locations marked on the stock Maps in WP7.

Map Stalt Map Stalt Map & Options Map Stalt Info Edit

It is impossible for one organization to completely tag each and every location in an area. Thus, MapStalt has bestowed this duty upon its users. It allows you to tag any place you want, be it a café you really like, an important monument, or even your home!

You need to have an OpenStreet account to use the app. If you don’t have one, you can sign up from the link provided on the app’s login page. Once you are logged in, you can manually search for the location you want, or if you want to tag the location you are currently in, tap the “Locate Me” button.

In order to tag a place, you have to zoom it enough to bring it to street level. Once there, tap and hold on the location and fill out the “Edit Place” form. Hit save and then adjust the tag for accuracy.

We personally found the app to be pretty nice, although the Street view took ages to load and the app also crashed once! However, Map Stalt was just launched, so we must give it the benefit of the doubt. The app has the potential of becoming a worthy alternative to the missing Google Maps app in Windows Phone, but that can only be possible if more users come to know of the app and make their own contributions to the repository of MapStalt Mini. The app can also prove to be a good way to advertise details regarding your business. So, do give it a try if you are the kind of person who is always interested in maps and navigation.

Download Mapstalt Mini for Windows Phone

[via WM Power User]

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