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Mingle Comes To Android, Now Find & Connect To Professionals On The Go

With the advent of technology, and introduction of faster communication means, businesses are no longer confined to just a specific location, nor is it always simple to find the appropriate skills required to help your cause from within a rather restricted pool of available options around you. For this particular reason, businesspersons, professionals and students often feel the urge to collaborate across the borders in order to find (or even lend) help to get several tasks accomplished successfully.

Mingle is a multi-platform location-based smartphone app for Android and iOS-powered devices, that helps people find and connect to professionals from almost all spheres of life to get their problems resolved. Through it’s simple and extremely user-friendly interface, Mingle provides with you an ideal social networking platforms to connect to your clients, employees and even employers on the go. While the iOS variant of the app was released in the iTunes App Store quite some time ago, the Android variant has just seen light of the day.

Whether you’re looking to find some instant help on a specific assignment, wish to have your staff members on hand to get thoughts on an ongoing project, or want to gather a handful of qualified professionals to form a highly skillful and diverse workforce, Mingle has you covered quite nicely.


To start using the app, you must connect using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Mingle account. New account can be created from within the app for free. If you’ve just joined the network, you might need to introduce yourself to other users by providing various details such as your primary purpose of using Mingle, occupation and current location.


Depending upon your preferences and requirements, the app’s homescreen displays all relevant search results (users) under three main tabs, namely Nearby, Active and Random. For each user listed, you can check out their current job title and location, and send an invitational message to anyone.

Connecting to a user is fast and easy. Once you find a user whose skills match your exact preferences, just tap their username, and you’re good to go. Apart from submitting your problem in the form of a question to a user, you can also check their detailed profile, view their contacts, and interact with them in multiple ways by sending them a handshake, endorsement message or, at least, a smiley.


To check your personal messages, contacts and profile on Mingle, you can simply hit Menu, and pick the required option. To keep you apprised of all the relevant activities on the network, the app also supports displaying status bar notifications.

Download Mingle for Android

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