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MiniatureCam: Capture Videos & Photos With Tilt Shift Effect [iPhone]

The iOS App Store has gotten to a point where very few new camera apps have the potential to entice users, specially if they are focused on providing just one feature or effect. Still, MiniatureCam is one such app that can prove to be a really welcome addition to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It might not be as feature-rich as some of the other camera apps out there, but it does what it advertises, and that, too, in a really efficient manner. MiniatureCam is all about letting its users shoot videos and photos using the tilt shift effect. This means that the end results will be focused on just the main object, blurring everything else, making viewers believe that the target object is larger compared to its surroundings, owing to the reduction in depth of field. So, why would anyone be interested in an app that focuses on just one photo effect, when there are so many multi-purpose apps out there? The simplest answer to this questions is that MiniatureCam letts you use the tilt-shift effect ad excellence.

MiniatureCam iOS MiniatureCam Video MiniatureCam Settings

MiniatureCam starts off with a graphical tutorial, letting users know of the complete usage of the app. There aren’t too many options, and you are sure to master the working of the app pretty quickly. First of all, decide whether you want to shoot a photo or video. There are two ways of applying the tilt shift effect; linear and radial. By default, MiniatureCam is on linear effect, and you can change it to radial by turning the dial to ‘B’. The effect is displayed by the overlaying of a grid over the preview window. The blurring gradually increases according to the grid levels, and it is possible to adjust the levels by zooming in or out of the scene, or rotating the grid.

Different aspects of the photo can be edited via the sidebar in the camera view, like Blur, contrast and brightness. The videos shot using MiniatureCam can also be edited to include any background music from the library of your device, and there are many clips provided within the app as well. The app has an album of its own, but you can also configure it to save images to camera roll automatically. From the settings menu of MiniatureCam, you can also choose the quality of the photos and videos shot using the app.

MiniatureCam recently went free, and you can grab it by going to the link below.

Download MiniatureCam

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