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Mirror Your HTC EVO 4G Screen At 720p On An HDTV With FullHDMI

hdtvUse the HTC EVO’s HDMI port to the fullest! Now you can mirror you EVO’s screen onto your HDTV with the help of an application called, FullHDMI. Record videos for office presentations on the go and impress your boss with an out of the pocket multimedia presentation. No more carrying around videos or pictures in a laptop or a portable HDD. With FullHDMI, you can now mirror your EVO’s screen at 720p onto your HDTV.

This application is developed by Androidcentral forum member orrebmas, and is currently a public beta. However this is just for now, as the application is still in development and likely updates and fixes will follow. The beta phase will expire whenever the application is perfected.

Now before you get this application up and running on your EVO, there are a couple of key things you need to know:

  • Your EVO should be running a Sense based ROM. Anything else and this application wont work.
  • Your EVO needs to be rooted. See our guide on how to root the HTC EVO 4G.
  • FullHDMI runs in two modes, software mode and hardware mode. The software mode, if you’re familiar with PC games, uses the generic drivers that come with any kernel and provides compatibility across all ROMs. This however comes at the cost of a lower FPS and occasional screen tearing. Hardware mode on the other hand, utilizes the EVO’s 2-D graphics engine and can give up to 40 FPS when playing 3-D games. The Hardware mode, further gives you options like, full screen toggle, custom resolutions and the most notable one, the supercharge mirroring. Supercharge mirroring is ideally meant for 3-D games, as it minimizes the lag between the EVO’s screen and the HDTV.
  • Hardware mode can only be accessed provided you are using the modified kernel that the developer has created. Please see link at the end of this article.
  • The app may support a resolution higher then 1280×720, but the drivers do not. In case you set the resolution higher then the screen on the TV, WILL go blank. This would be resolved in future updates.
  • HTC’s Gallery will freeze and then crash in about 40 seconds when in hardware mode. This is the result of  the program being poorly coded, that makes it grab the entire video memory.
  • Youtube or applications that already function over HDMI, are not meant to be played through FullHDMI. You must stop the FullHDMI from driving the HDMI signal before you move onto playing Youtube etc over HDMI.
  • The application WILL route both video and audio through the HDMI port. Incase you unplug your cable, and you see in the notification that FullHDMI is still ‘Actively Mirroring’, you will need to hit the ‘Stop service’ button in order to get the audio back on your EVO.

For more queries and updates, visit the forum thread at Androidcentral.

Download FullHDMI Beta

Download HDMI kernel


  1. So I did end up finding out this was in the android market for 2.95 or abouts. I bought it and it works great. First app I ever bought.

  2. What a load of BS. This does not work. It asks for a donation to even start it. How am I supposed to trust some app downloaded from some random place to work because I donate from some random paypal link????? I spent the last 2 hours upgrading my OTA when I was just going to go back to stock so I could use this app. What a waste of time. You guys suck.

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