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MobileVoIP: Make Free Calls With The First VoIP App For Windows Phone 7

Cashing in on Skype’s absence from Windows Phone 7, the folks over at MobileVoIP have become the first to launch a VoIP app in the WP7 Marketplace. Using MobileVoIP, you can now easily place calls over the web, and that too for free. There are a few negatives, but very few. For instance, the app offers a bit shaky voice quality, but you can chat with your friends with relative ease. App to app calls in MobileVoIP are free, but if you want to make external calls, you will have to purchase the app’s specific tokens. Details after the jump.Whenever a smartphone user wants to switch over to WP7, there are a few apps he or she is sure to inquire about beforehand. Does WP7 have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype? While the metro OS has got all the rest of these app, we are still missing Skype (which is expected to hit the platform before the year ends). But at least there is now an alternative available for it. To use MobileVoIP, you need to sign up for an account, which can be done from within the app by tapping on new user. That link takes you straight to the MobileVoIP website where you can create a new account pretty easily. You can connect a existing service account with MobileVoIP too.

MobileVoIP For WP7MobileVoIP For WP7 Calling

Once that is done, you can start using the app. MobileVoIP will pull all your contacts from the People hub and you can start dialing straight from there. Alternatively you can use the app’s very metro-ish dialer to call anyone, anywhere in the world, and even if the calls are free for select destinations only, the MobileVoIP app itself is completely free. The app works both via Wi-Fi and 3G. and lets you share contact and call information with your Facebook and Twitter contacts.

MobileVoIP For WP7 ContactsMobileVoIP For WP7 Sign UpMobileVoIP For WP7 Settings

Now, all that sounds very good but there are a few problems with MobileVoIP too. The sound quality might be a bit scratchy at times, and you can only talk through a wired (or Bluetooth) handsfree during a call. This is a WP7 limitation (according to the Marketplace description provided by MobileVoIP) that even Mango hasn’t fixed.

Nevertheless, the app is a welcome addition to the Marketplace. You can download it to your phone at the link given below.

Download MobileVoIP

[via MovilToday]

Update: Although the official Skype app is out now, MobileVoIP still remains one of the neatest options out there in the Marketplace for making free voice calls.


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    The app is working fine in Nokia Windows phone 7, but it is not able to to transfer the contacts from Voip Discount account as it should. Sign in goes fine and account and credit detais shows correct. It is just that everything with contacts is just empty. I hope it is just bug, which will be fixed a.s.a.p

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