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MobiUS Web Browser For iOS Unleashes The Full Potential Of HTML 5

HTML 5 has really started to replace Flash in most areas of web browsing. The number of iOS users who complain of the lack of Flash support in iPhone and iPad is diminishing by the day, all thanks to HTML 5. Despite this, not everything, unfortunately, that HMTL 5 has the potential to do, has been done yet. MobiUs for iOS is just a web browser on the surface, but in reality it offers so much more that you might be surprised. It is developed by placing a special focus on web applications, and aims to run them akin to independent, native apps. Hit the jump to read on.

MobiUsSafari MobiUs Page

The interface at the launch of MobiUs is just like Chrome’s interface for desktop systems. There are a few web apps that come pre-installed with the browser (like Facebook and Twitter). Less adventurous users can keep using it just like any other web browser, even Safari. The interface is a little less cluttered as compared to iOS’s default browser, but instead of competing against Safari, MobiUs is happy playing second fiddle to it, and even goes as far as sporting a specific button in the menu bar that takes you straight to Safari.

MobiUs Start PageMobiUs Web App

The main purpose of MobiUs is the smooth running of web apps. On comparison, the browsing speed is a bit slower as compared to Safari (in our experience, at least), but what it lacks in speed, MobiUs makes up for in usability. Every time you will use a web app in your iDevice, a prompt will automatically take you to MobiUs, and there the app will be installed and ready to use like a native one.

You have to try MobiUs as you aren’t giving up anything, since it doesn’t throw Safari’s use out of the window, and it is not costing you anything, either. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Download MobiUs for iOS

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Update: The MobiUs web browser appears to have been taken down from the App Store. If you are looking for a good alternative to the Mobile Safari browser in your iPhone or iPad, you might consider giving the newly released Chrome a try. The official app from Google has become the most popular free app for iOS in a really short time. The Chrome web browser for iOS comes in the form of a universal app, and both the iPhone and iPad variants are absolutely gorgeous.

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