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Mobo Launcher: A Unique Dual-Pane Home Screen Replacement App For Android

No matter how much you like your Android’s homescreen replacement app, or how conservative you are regarding modifying the looks of your device’s UI, there comes a time when you feel like going for a change, and this is exactly where all the gorgeous and highly customizable launchers come into play. Adding to the long list of such apps is Mobo Launcher, which focuses mainly on presenting users with quick navigation to their favorite apps and widgets through a unique split-screen interface that is as simple to use as it is to customize.

By default, the launcher’s interface is divided into a scrollable section for widgets, an side-scrolling app drawer that itself is presented under various app groups/categories and a scrollable dock for shortcuts to the most frequently used actions or apps. Swiping upward on the app drawer reveals it in its entirety, while swiping downwards returns it to its original half of the screen. The personalization options presented by Mobo Launcher range from specifying the number of dock screens to downloading and applying gorgeous themes, Mobo Widgets, Wallpapers, Skins and more from the launchers online repository. More to follow.


While using the default/split-screen mode of the launcher, you can view all your installed apps under various groups (Favorite, Apps, Games, System and Newest). Not only can you move an app from one category to other via simple drag-and-drop, but also define and customize your very own app categories. Long pressing an app category lets you add various apps to it, and/or reorder the group itself on the bar. Another handy feature of Mobo Launcher is that it makes it extremely easy to locate a newly installed app by displaying a tiny indicator on top of its group’s icon.

Various Mobo Launcher Widgets that can be availed include a one-tap memory optimizer, voice search, Mobo Weather, Creative Clock and native Mobo File Manager. Each widget itself is further supplemented by a variety of themes and designs to provide you a multitude of different flavors and options. The launcher has its very own file manager, app manager, and plenty of other nifty tools that can be downloaded from its online repository. The default layout of the launcher’s dock provides you with shortcuts to various system toggles and contacts, messaging app, calling app, web browser, and Mobo Launcher’s native personalization app.


Using the app’s main preferences screen (Menu > Preferences), not only can you opt to show/hide the status bar, but the entire content on the homescreen itself too, so that you can enjoy your favorite Mobo Launcher Wallpaper in full screen. Further customization options presented within the app’s main settings screen comprise specifying the number of dock screens, each complete with the content/shortcut of your choice. Moreover, the settings screen lets you modify various display settings, homescreen navigation effects, default group settings, widget settings, and the option to backup/restore launcher settings.


Another notable aspect of the launcher is the Gravity Sensor feature that, if turned on, utilizes your device’s accelerometer to sway the app icons on the homescreen as per the device movement. To enable this feature, simple enable the Gravity Sensor option within the Display settings on the app’s main settings screen.

That’s not all; Mobo Launcher allows you to fully tweak app icons. Not only can you change the app’s icons (load custom icons from the gallery), you can use a specific icon mask to define the boundaries of each app’s icon.


All in all; Mobo Launcher is worth giving a try for its buttery smooth animations and transitions, easy navigation, additional goodies, flexibility, and most importantly, for the sake of change that is considered to be an obligation in the Android ecosystem.

Download Mobo Launcher for Android

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