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MOLOME – The Symbian Instagram, Hits The Android Market [Review]

Symbian’s new photo styling and sharing spearhead, MOLOME, after enjoying much acclaim in the Ovi Store, has decided to take its chances with Android. The app is now available for free from the Android Market. Barring a few essential but minor UI alterations, the developers don’t seem to have changed much in the Android variant of the app. Often termed the Instagram for Symbian, the app is very much like the mentioned iOS photo sharing giant. You sign in to your MOLOME account, view, “Love” and comment on photos in the public timeline, follow and interact with other “Molians”, view your MOLOME profile, snap photos, apply one of 19 available filters to each and share it to your MOLOME wall and/or social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter).


One of the few things that MOLOME and Instagram don’t have in common is the grid view in both public and personal timelines – which actually makes browsing through, “Loving” and commenting on public photos a whole lot easier – and the badge (achievement) feature that makes sharing photos all the more enjoyable. Another is the interface design (the layout is roughly the same). MOLOME’s interface is riddled with large, colorful buttons that may go well with the UI’s overall theme and the app’s mascot (“the sweet, lovely and energetic owl”, Molo) but certainly not with the sleek nav bar at the bottom of the UI. That and the quality of the photo filters are aspects wherein the app falls behind Instagram.


The Share button in the middle of said nav bar allows you to snap new photos or import existing ones from your SD card. Once a photo is selected/snapped, the app takes you to the styling interface, wherefrom you can choose between 19 snazzy photo filters. Three of these remain locked until you upload a required number of photos to your MOLOME wall.

The app fetches updates in the background after user-defined intervals and notifies you whenever you receive a new badge or another MOLOME user follows you, comments on or “Loves” one of your photos. You can disable background refreshing and/or notifications or set the time interval between successive updates from Menu > Settings.

You can grab the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code. If you’re new to MOLOME, you may want to make use of the Suggest Friends feature from within the Profile tab.

Download MOLOME For Android

Update: The app seems to have been taken off the Google Play Store.

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