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Monitor Your Google Analytics Data From Your Android Home Screen

Are you a webmaster and want to get quick access to the Google Analytics data for your website or blog right from your Android home screen? Developed by XDA-Developers member RorolePro, Simple Analytics Widget for Android is a reasonably good-looking home screen widget that displays traffic analytics for a user-defined Google Analytics profile. The widget, when added to the home screen, lets you select a Google account registered with your device and in the screen that follows allows you to specify the Google Analytics profile (website) and the value to be tracked (Unique visitors a day or Visits a day). You should, obviously, have Google Analytics properly installed on your website for the widget to gather any data.

SetupSimple Analytics Widget For Android

As all of us webmasters know, analytics data for our web properties is crucial when it comes to running any website, blog or web service. It provides us a complete insight on our traffic and helps us make decisions in the best interest of the business as well as the visitors themselves. Thus, for many of us, keeping an eye frequently on our website’s Google Analytics data is critical, and we often find ourselves keeping the Analytics site open for the purpose, switching to its tab frequently while performing our other activities. While this may be the optimal solution when using a PC, it isn’t exactly the most efficient when the only computer we have is our mobile phone. In such a scenario, having a widget on our home screen showing us critical Google Analytics data can be a serious releif, and Simple Analytics Widget can be a real headache savior in such cases.

The widget displays the trend of the selected website’s traffic as shown in the screenshot above (right). Tapping the widget refreshes the displayed data. The widget is particularly useful for those who own multiple websites and want an easy way to keep an eye on the traffic from all of them. You can add multiple widgets, each for a separate Google Analytics profile and keep track of the affiliated websites’ traffic right from your home screen.
You can grab the widget from the Android Market for free via the provided link below. Find it really useful? Got your own favourite way to access the Google Analytics data of your websites from your Android device? Do share your experience and suggestions with us by dropping us a comment below.

Download Analytics Widget

[via XDA-Developers]

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