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Monitor Your Heart Rate With An Android Device

Are you a health freak ? Do you need to know everything that’s going on inside of you? Do you wonderDroid-Hearth what your heart is doing when you’re lying down or when you’re jogging ? I know what you’re thinking, we have heart beat monitors for that, but do you really want to carry another gadget when your Android phone can do it for you?

Instant-heart-rate heart-rate-facebook

The application allows you to share your heart rate with your friends over at Facebook, Twitter or with any preferable media of your choice including texts, email, even Bluetooth or DropBox. On some personal experience with the application, I’d like to mention that I personally tested my heart beat 5 times through the application and a professional heart beat sensor, the result was surprisingly always within 10% accuracy, so unless you want the exact digits, this application can be easily depended on for your day to day measurements.

Want to get on with using the app to monitor your heart to your heart’s content: Here are the instructions:

  • Install Instant Heart Rate on your phone by using the link given below or searching for it at the Android Market.
  • Open up the application. You are presented with a neat set of instructions on how to measure your heart rate.
  • Place your index finger tip on the camera lightly so that the Flash LED, when turned on, throws enough light to pass through your translucent skin and highlight your red blood.
  • Every heart beat causes a pump of blood through the finger tip thus momentarily changing the density of the blood and its color, which is then noticed by the camera as one beat and extrapolated over time to get the average heart rate.
  • 8 beats are counted at least before the reading can be termed as accurate.
  • Once a stable reading is attained, it is displayed live on the screen.

Install Instant Heart Rate from Android Market

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