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MoPic For iPhone/ iPad: Create GIF Animations From Videos & Photos

If you are a fan of GIF animations, then iOS is a pretty good platform to be on, owing to the number of GIF creating apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A few months back we covered GifBoom, which allows its users to create GIFs by stitching together as many photos as they want. The output provided by the newly released MoPic is pretty similar, but it comes with the ability to use a video for creating animations, rather than just photos. Most of the times GIF creators are used just for fun, but even if you need an animation for your important presentation, the results delivered by MoPic are good enough.

MoPic MoPic Homepage

Using the app is pretty simple. At the start up, you have to choose how you want to create the GIF. There is the option to choose a video or set of photos from the library, while you can also shoot videos from within the app. For importing videos, you get the option to select the quality of each import via choice from among Smooth, Normal and Rough.

MoPic Edit MoPic Effects

So, once you have the video imported (or shot) to MoPic, you are ready to proceed with setting up the GIF. For all videos, the app will display the frames on the top of the screen, and a user can select which frames they want to add to the animation. After you are decided on the frames, hit the Use button, which will automatically take you to the Effects page. A little disappointingly, there aren’t a lot of effects available in MoPic for now, and you can just adjust the speed of the created animation. The speed can be tinkered with via the slider provided below the preview. When all is ready, go to the Share/Save section, and from there, you get the option to send the video to Facebook, or to any of your friends via email.

MoPic is an app, which obviously needs a lot of enhancements and new features, but if you want to easily convert a video into a GIF image, do give this app a try, which is free and ad-supported.

Download MoPic

 Update: The app has been updated to incorporate more frames per animation, and that makes the GIFs even smoother. In addition to that, MoPic now lets its users browse through the most popular public shares in the Popular section of the app.


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