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Motorola Droid 2 Version 2.3.20 OTA Update Rolling Out Today [Guide]

It seems to us that Motorola’s favorite Android handset to date is Droid 2 as we are about to see yet another update Version 2.3.20 release being termed “eminent”. Although this won’t be something exotic like Gingerbread coming too soon for your Droid 2, but this update will surely help in revamping your handset’s usability etc. But as fate has it, Verizon will also be pushing a lot of branding bloatware with this update, meaning that your handset might not be acquainted to these branded apps if it is rooted.

For users who already have root on their Droid 2, we would like to stress the fact that updating might cause something terrible to happen to your phone. It is best to wait for a custom ROM for DROID 2 to emerge which will be packaged with this new update version. And we all know how fast and reliable our underground Android developer and hacker community is, so custom ROM wait won’t take ages to debut for sure. OK so getting back to what this Update has to offer to your Droid 2, here are the improvements and enhancements direct from Verizon Support:

+ Improved battery life.
+ Heightened proximity sensor accuracy to enable faster screen response.
+ View the Weather widget in both landscape and portrait orientation.
+ Simpler setup, improved user interactions, better notifications for Voice Mail.
+ Background Email Sync during display inactivity for better user experience.
+ Support for email domain suffixes containing more than three characters.
+ Keep text messages organized with chronological in-box screen.
+ Edit text messages after you’ve inserted a video file.
+ Improved audio sound during recorded video playbacks.
+ Stream Guided Tour videos on device in Help Center application with ease.
+ Faster location tracking during GPS navigation.
+ Faster transitions between Wi-Fi and 3G in data connection.

+ New ability to add pictures from your Gallery to a contact.
+ Export all your contacts to the SD card.


In order to download and install this OTA update for your Droid 2, here are the step by step methods:

  • Once it is announced that the update is released, launch settings on your phone.
  • Now tap on about phone and select System Updates from resulting menu.
  • Once you get update available pop-up notification, select Download.
  • Now wait for the download to complete. Please make sure that you have your phone connected on a reliable Wi-Fi for uninterrupted installation.
  • Now when you get install Update notification after download is complete, press Install now on.
  • Once this is done, wait for the installation to take place. Do not interrupt the process at any point during installation as this can brick your phone.
  • When the installation is complete, you will get notification “The Software Update Was Successful”. Now you can reboot your phone and enjoy your all new updated Motorola Droid 2.
Thanks, Droid Life

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  • Ben

    Is it just me, or do the phones have more issues after every “update”? Just got this update on my droid2, now it freezes, dialer keypad doesn’t work in-call, doesn’t recognize the sd card sometimes, and they sent over more crapware.