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Mount Windows Phone 7 As USB Disk Drive With WP7 USB Storage Enabler

Ever wondered if you could mount your Windows Phone 7 handset as a USB disk to quickly throw some data in? While there is no official way to do it the way you can in Android, XDA-Developers forum member MarcHoover has made this all possible via a tool that is now invaluable considering the convenience and freedom it offers to the user.

The tool called WP7 USB Storage Enabler is very simple to use. However, before you move onto using this tool there are a few things you need beforehand. You should have Zune installed on your system with at least one device having been connected to it once. Lastly, you must have .NET Framework 2.0 installed to begin with using the tool.


We tested the tool on two of our WP7 handsets, the HTC HD7 and the Samsung Omnia 7. It worked flawlessly on both of them.

Please make sure that Zune is closed before you run this tool and the device is not connected via USB to the PC. You will have to run the tool with Administrator privileges in Windows 7.

Hit Enable as seen in the screenshot above and connect your phone to the PC.


Once done, you will see your device appear as a portable device in My Computer. Simply double click it to find the storage device of your phone listed as a USB disk drive.

That’s it! Now you can throw in your data, applications, or more in a mere few seconds on your WP7 device. If you want to disable this, simply run the tool again and hit the Disable button. Note that you will need to disable this if you want to sync your phone with Zune, so keep the tool handy and enable it only when required.

Download WP7 USB Storage Enabler

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