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Move The Box: Solve Match-3 Puzzles In Limited Moves [iOS, Android Game]

Waiting for your next train? Lurking around at an airport? Why not solve some puzzles while you still have some spare time at your disposal? Available for both iOS and Android platform, Move The Box is a match-3 puzzle game that promises to give you mind-bending entertainment, and your brain an intense workout. In this exciting puzzler, the basic goal of the player is to drag, drop and swap a number of different boxes piled up near a dock. Three or more boxes of the same design in a line automatically get disappear. This may sound simple, but it isn’t always, as you will need to do all the dragging and dropping in a specified number of moves, and some levels can even take a respectable amount of time to solve. Read past the jump to see if moving those boxes really worth it?

Move The Box Homescreen Move The Box Levels

The game contains a total of 336 unique levels, more than enough to kill some serious time. All the levels are split equally in 7 distinct locations, including some very popular cities, like London and Shanghai. Talking about gameplay, the control mechanism consists of using finger gestures for dragging, dropping and swapping the position of boxes. The boxes are placed in a jumbled up manner, and each box has a different color and design (for example, some of them are crates, while others are cardboard or metal boxes, etc). The aim here is to align the boxes of same pattern or color, to solve the puzzle. The lower part of the screen shows the total number of moves within which you have to complete the current level. Some of the puzzles are pretty hard though, and may even take several minutes to get through. Successfully lined up boxes disappear automatically, provided 3 or more are placed together either vertically or horizontally. Graphically, the game looks satisfying with cartoon-style color palette, however, there is nothing to get astounded.

Move The Box Gameplay1 Move The Box Gameplay2

Overall, Move The Box is a great puzzle game with a lovely design and super addicting gameplay which is all that really matters. The game is available both as a Lite (free) and Pro (paid) version on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The full version of the game is currently free for a limited time on the App Store.


Download Move The Box Lite for Android (Free)

Download Move The Box for Android (Paid)

Download Move The Box for iOS (Paid, Free for a limited time)

Download Move The Box Lite for iOS (Free)

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