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MRKAlarm: Android Alarm Clock With MP3 Playlists, Calendar Integration & More

Android users yearning for a better alternative to their device’s stock alarm app have plenty of options available to them in the Android Market, such as previously reviewed Wake N Shake. Adding to the list of highly innovative and feature-rich alarm apps is XDA member malrok37’s MRKAlarm, which lets users set multiple alarms on their Android device, supports integration with your calendar events (with an option to define Quiet Hours for alarms), provides you with the option to set a custom MP3 playlist for your alarm tones, as well as a custom time interval to louden the alarm gradually. With each added alarm, you can associate a specific agenda from your calendar, set its priority level, and define various rules to trigger alarms for tasks that include/exclude specific keywords.


MRKAlarm might not be all that good-looking, but it certainly is quite effective. Adding to the list of aforementioned features, MRKAlarm also comes with the option to sound an alarm whenever your device’s battery gets ‘alarmingly’ low. The Quiet Hours, if enabled and defined, can automatically set the alarms to sound at 10% or 20% lower volume than usual, or put the device in vibrate/silent mode. Apart from sporting the conventional snooze option that can be triggered by hitting the Sleep button, the app also lets you do the same by giving the device a little shake.


Then there are several other features that are commonly found in most alarm apps. These include defining custom days, title and snooze duration for each individual alarm, enabling/disabling vibration mode for alarms, and selecting a custom alarm ringtone (or an entire MP3 playlist).


The app opens to a screen that lets you add new alarm(s). Once an alarm has been defined, you may trigger it by hitting the Validate button on the new alarm screen, or simply by tapping the alarm icon displayed alongside each alarm on the app’s homescreen. Long pressing on a alarm lets you Activate, Edit, Delete, Duplicate, or Test it.

To further personalize an alarm, and/or associate a calendar event with it, tap on its title. On the screen that follows, tap the calendar tab to select the required agenda that you wish to associate with the alarm. Once an agenda has been selected, you can define its priority level, and various alarm rules, including Quiet Hours, from the same screen. Tapping the music note at the top lets you specify the preferred alarm type (sound or music), as well as the required time interval for progressive volume.


Tapping Menu > Options on the app’s homescreen lets you tweak several other handy features such as enabling alarm for low battery, backing up and restoring the app’s settings to and from local storage, and specifying the time interval to check for any amendments made to your agendas.

Download MRKAlarm for Android

[via XDA-Developers]

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