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MultiIconMover – Simultaneously Move Multiple Icons On Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone or iPad and are tired of rearranging SpringBoard icons one by one, you just might appreciate this little Cydia tweak. MultiIconMover performs a rather simple task of allowing you to select as many icons as you want on your screen and then move them to any destination you desire. If you like neatness a bit too much, like me, then you are sure to have run into the problem of having to move a lot of icons from one screen on the Springboard to another. MultiIconMover makes sure that you never see this as a problem again. Sure you will have to perform a few extra steps in order to move the icons, even if you are looking to relocate a single one, but most of the times it is going to worth the extra effort.

Default ScreenMultiIconMoverAfter Icon Move

iOS devices are fortunate to get boosts from Cydia in areas that need improvement no matter how small the area might seem to be. iPhone users know this already that to move an icon from one screen to another you have to enter the Jiggle mode (by long pressing any icon) and then dragging the icon to the place of your choice. But what if you want to move more than one icon at a time to some other screen? MultiIconMover handles this very situation.

Once you have installed this free tweak from the Big Boss repo, no further configuration or settings changes are needed. The next time you enter Jiggle mode, tap the icons you want to move and a red check mark will appear on each. Now just navigate to the screen where you want to place the icons, and once there, press the Home button. That’s all there is to it, and you will have your icons visible on the screen you chose. This means that the tweak not only solves the issue of moving multiple icons in one go, the alternative method it offers is pretty good and streamlined too, letting users move apps from one place to another without having to physically drag items across various screens.

The tweak is in beta version and so users might experience a few glitches like the check marks not appearing after the first few tries. Reinstall the tweak if that happens and the issue should be resolved. Personally, we did not run into any such trouble, and things worked smoothly at first attempt.

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