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Music Cloud For WP7: Search, Stream & Download Songs From SoundCloud

We have all used SoundCloud  at one point or another, either the web service itself, through browser extensions, or on our Android or iOS devices. Windows Phone 7 users, however, have been missing out on the fun. Not any more, though. Released this holiday season for you and your family to dance and groove on the songs showcased by the music sharing giant, Music Cloud for WP7 is a third-party SoundCloud client that lets you search for, play and download music on the go along with making playlists of your favorite songs. The app has both a free trial and a paid version, where the only difference between the two is that the free variant is ad-supported.

menu soundcloud playing soundcloud

Music Cloud offers a run-of-the-mill interface common to most Windows Phone 7 apps of this genre. Just tap Search to look for any track from SoundCloud, and if it’s a particular favorite of yours, you can Download it, and add it to a Playlist that you have created. Whatever song you are listening to, the app adds it to a Queue – a sort of history of the songs you have played so far.

hot music soundcloud track musiccloud

For those who do not have a particular music preference, Music Cloud offers a selection of Hot Music, which is a collection of the most popular tracks in SoundCloud. The app also supports background playing and downloading, for when you want to read a book or surf the internet while listening to a track. Similar to the Queue, there is a History option in the app which holds a record of all the tracks that you have listened to and downloaded so far.

SoundCloud has a huge following, not only as a web service, but also on iOS and Android devices. The release of an unofficial Windows Phone 7 client would be a relief to all those users who like to share their music tastes with their friends and the world. The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download Music Cloud

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