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Music Discovery Service Hitlantis Releases Its Android Client

Hitlantis is a famous web service that helps budding music artists and bands to showcase their skills to the world by providing them a much sought-after launching platform. It is a platform that is admired and acknowledged by music makers and listeners alike. The website features an option-rich music player through which you get to discover loads of free music coming from a large number of upcoming music artists and bands. Replicating the gorgeous looks and functionality of the website, the Hitlantis client for iOS and Android lets you access all the service’s content right from your mobile device. Initially released to the iTunes App Store only, the official Hitlantis app has finally arrived in the Android Market as well.


Upon launch, the app displays an interactive map of music (like the one on the website) made up of color-coded bubbles, where each bubble represents a certain music artist/band and each color refers to a particular genre of music. The size of each bubble reflects the popularity of the associated artist. The larger an artist’s or band’s bubble, the more popular they are on Hitlantis. You can zoom in and out of the map when required.

02-Hitlantis-Android-Home 03-Hitlantis-Android-Channels

To start exploring music that matches your taste, you can either search a band/artist by their name or pick from a vast variety of music genres from within the Channels tab. This tab displays a list of music genres along with the total number of bands that are registered under each. You will notice a toggle against each channel. These toggles allow you to include or exclude a particular channel to/from the app’s Radio (music player).

04-Hitlantis-Android-Player2 05-Hitlantis-Android-Player1

Coming to the app’s music player itself; the player allows you to share each track with your buddies, view detailed information about its band/artist and add it to your ‘Starred’ items. To access all said features, tap the little arrow just above the song title. Although the player automatically keeps playing new tracks one after the other, swiping left/right on the pause button lets you manually switch between tracks.

You can also view details for each artist or band (biography, total number of songs, fans and user comments), and for other Hitlantis users (profile pages, comments and favorite tracks) from within the app.

06-Hitlantis-Android-Band 07-Hitlantis-Android-Playlists

The app’s interface isn’t something you get to see very often in mobile apps. It’s not just all eye-candy; it’s very user-friendly too. Not only does switching between tracks cause the  map to center on a different bubble, it displays track information on your status bar and indicates the current song on the map by adding a dark circle around its bubble.

While the Playlist tab displays popular, recent and personal playlists, the Profile tab shows your very own Hitlantis profile along with all your comments, favorites, starred items, friends and more.

11-Hitlantis-Android-Songs 09-Hitlantis-Android-Comments 10-Hitlantis-Android-Fans

While the app lets you explore its content without any restrictions, however, you must be logged in with a valid Hitlantis/Facebook account to access several features such as personalizing your playlists, rating artists, inviting new friends to use the app, etc.

After using the app, you might agree that exploring new music doesn’t get any easier and prettier than this.

Download Hitlantis for Android

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