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Music Player: A Comprehensive App For Songs & Podcasts On Your iPhone

Ever since it came into existence, the iPhone and the iPad have used the iPod app as the primary way of playing music on these iOS devices. However, that never implies that there wasn’t any room for improvement, and this is evident from the amount of music player apps available in the App Store. Music Player All-in-1 is another addition to the already-vast music section of the iTunes store. Before you dismiss this new contender as yet-another-music-app, take our word that it really has the potential to rise above the crowd, and become a popular alternative to the stock iPod app in iPhone, all thanks to the number of diverse features this free app brings to the table. Read on to find out why would you want to give Music Player All-in-1 a try, even if you are satisfied with the stock player in iOS.

Music Player iOS Playlist Music Player iOS Library

You don’t have to import any of the songs to the app’s library, as that is done automatically. Just launch the app, and you will see all the complete list of tracks available in your device on the app’s homepage. Apart from your track list, the options available on the Library page are iTunes File Sharing and Recommended Podcasts. The first option lets users import any mp3 file to Music Player via iTunes. This is relatively easier than syncing the entire library. The playing options are the same as the ones in the iPod app; even the controls look pretty similar. The app also pulls your ratings and playlist information from your stock library, so you don’t have to set anything up from scratch.

Music Player iOS Lyrics Music Player iOS Artist Images

When you go to the Now Playing section of the app while a song is being played, you will see that song’s lyrics displayed on screen, which really adds to the usefulness of Music Player. If you don’t see the lyrics, just tap the screen and the app will download them from you. There are also the options to look for the photos related to the current song and artist. Not only that, you can look for lyrics manually, find artist info and even play YouTube videos of the song, within the app.

Music Player iOS Podcasts Downloads Music Player iOS Settings

But that’s not even half of it. Music Player is not just about songs; it also deals with Podcasts and even lets you download them to your device in addition to allowing online streaming. You can use the Shake to Play feature to move on to the next song in your playlist, and set up a gesture to perform any specified task. Music Player supports Dropbox, and you can connect your account with the app to access the music in your Dropbox.

Music Player All-in-1 has been around for a while in the App Store, but it has gone free pretty recently, and that has made it a great alternative to the stock music app in iOS.

Update: Apparently Music Player went free for just a limited period of time, now it’s back to the usual $1.99.

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