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MusicBunk For Android & iPhone Is A Social Network For Music Discovery & Sharing

Want to know how many of your Facebook friends love Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, or who else in the world loves Pitbull’s tracks like you do? Say Hello to MusicBunk – a cross-platform social music discovery and sharing app for Android & iPhone that connects you to worldwide music fans so that you may share, like and comment on all your favorite music tracks while enjoying high quality music streams through personalized playlists. Simply put, the app scans your device’s music library for locally stored songs, lets you create and share playlists from those tracks, listen to the music tracks via its neatly-designed native music player, and lets your friends learn what tracks you’re currently listening to. In return, your friends can respond to your choice of music by commenting on and liking your activities on the network. That’s not all; based on your musical taste, the app also suggests friends who have a particular favorite of yours added to their own MusicBunk playlists. In this way, you can befriend other app users who have the same taste in music as yours, creating a nice little music circle comprising only your Music Matches!

In order to access all said features, you must first log in to the app using a valid MusicBunk or Facebook account. First-time users can sign up for a fresh account from within the app for free.

Not only can you invite your Facebook friends and Android contacts to join in the fun right from within the app but also start following other app users from their MusicBunk profile page. From within your own profile page, you can specify individual privacy settings for your songs, posts (comments) and friends list.


While you may listen to tracks stored on your own device without any restriction, for other (unmatched) tracks that you wish to listen to from one of your friends’ playlists, the app presents you with an audio preview from Amazon, along with other track suggestions from the same artist. Provided the video of the same track is available on YouTube, the app provides you with the relevant YouTube link too. All this is possible only if all the tracks in a playlist are properly titled, and contain enough metadata to be identified online.


While listening to a track, you can like and/or comment on it to let other users know your thoughts about it. MusicBunk also supports advanced playlist management. In this regard, you can opt to add only select songs in a custom playlist. Moreover, while within a playlist, you can sort all the underlying tracks in multiple ways. For instance, songs can be sorted by title, artist, recently added, and number of likes that they’ve received. You also have the choice of filtering the playlist to display only those tracks that are present in your own and your MusicBunk friends’ playlists.


The Home tab on the app’s main interface lists your own and your MusicBunk friends‘ activities on the network. Tapping the Me button within this tab lets you manage your MusicBunk profile, check your notifications and friend requests, and most importantly, create and manage your own music playlists. You can create multiple playlists, each with different music tracks and customized privacy settings.

The Songs tab lists your currently selected playlist whereas the Friends tab lists all your MusicBunk friends and allows you to start inviting your phone contacts and Facebook friends to join the network.


Once you’ve listened to a handful of tracks from your playlist, you can head over to the Match tab on the app’s interface to check if any other app users have one (or more) of the same tracks in their own MusicBunk playlist. Should you be able to find a music match, you can send them a friend request, explore and listen to their entire playlist, check their other friends on the network, and follow their activities.


Download MusicBunk for Android

Download MusicBunk for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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