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My Album For iPad: Create A Collage Of Drawings, Photos & Music

There are many iOS apps that let you create collages out of the photos, and there are also a lot of apps that are focused on drawing and finger painting. My Album for iPad combines both these features and adds one of its own to the mix. The app lets users edit photos and add musical effects to them. Not only that, you can put your drawing skills to use in My Album, and then combine your artwork with photos to create an awesome collage. The projects created using the app can be exported as PDF files or plain images.

My Album iOSYou can create as many albums as you want using this iPad-only app, and an album can consist of several pages. To get started, hit the Add Album button and name it. Once you have done that, hit Edit Content to reach the album menu. To add a new page to your album, tap Modify followed by the green ‘+’ button. On a new page, you have to first choose the background. Although this is not necessary, it gives the whole collage a rather refined appearance. Once that has been done, you are ready to get down to the task of filling up the current album page. To add an image to the album, tap the frame button located at the right of the top bar. Not only can users load camera roll images from this menu, it also lists options to add clip art or edit existing images. The editing options aren’t too extensive, and you can just add or remove the borders around photos and choose whether you want an image to be displayed in the background or foreground.

My Album Sketching My Album Settings

The drawing menu in My Album allows users to sketch anything, and then automatically merges the finger painting antics with the existing collage. Drawing comes complete with an eraser and color pallete. To add background music to a page in your album, go to the Background Settings menu and select a track from your iPad’s music library.

The results generated using My Album can be saved as JPEG images or in PDF format. It is also possible to mail the whole presentation to anyone from within the app. You can use My Album to create stunning wallpapers, or even graphical slides for presentations. The app has gone free for a limited time, and if you own an iPad, go to the following link and grab it.

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