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My Assistant For WP Mango – Set Reminders For Tasks & Important Calls

For a platform with a relatively low app count, Windows Phone 7, has a lot of reminder apps . But most of these app merely maintain a list of tasks to be done and don’t set off an alarm when the time arrives. Of course, you can use the stock alarms app or the system calendar to achieve this but if you’re on Mango, you can enjoy added functionality with My Assistant. This app makes full use of Mango’s ability to let third party apps run as background tasks and so doesn’t need to be active to alert you about the reminders you set up previously.

Saved RemindersMy Assistant

My Assistant basically categorizes reminders in two classes – Regular reminders and Call reminders. Regular reminders let you save any appointment or commitment you might have and allows you to associates date, time and a textual description with each. Now, in whatever state your phone is, the reminder alarm will go off as soon as it reaches the set time.

Call Permission Call Reminder

Call reminders is the feature which sets this app apart from other similar apps. You can associate a contact with any reminder and at the assigned time, you will be prompted to call said contact. The app comes with the usual snooze and dismiss options customary to alarm applications. My Assistant keeps full record of all the reminders you store even after they become inactive.

My Assistant is a free app but is only available for Mango devices.

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[via WPCentral]

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