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My Class Schedule: Planner & Score Calculator For Students [Android]

Android-using students have been in luck the past few weeks with so many student planners coming to the Android Market – School Schedule and Studious, just to name a few. While both the aforementioned apps  as well as other apps from the genre come with extensive class management features, not all of them sport a homescreen widget neither do any of these apps offer help to calculate your marks for a particular course. This is where My Class Schedule comes in.  01-My-Class-Schedule-Android-Home01-My-Class-Schedule-Android-Widget

My Class Schedule lets you pick different shades of colors for your various courses for easy identification. The app takes you straight to your class schedule/timetable when launched. From here you can see all your upcoming classes for a particular day or even for several weeks (by swiping across the screen). To make the app capable enough to help you out with your lesson timings/schedule, you need to help it out first by feeding in some data. You can take a couple of routes in order to achieve said purpose. Either you can tap on Menu > Manage Courses or you can use the pencil icon at the top-right of your screen to start adding some courses and other relevant information. For each course that you wish to add/edit, you are provided with an option to modify its General details, Homework description and your Marks (grade).


From the General tab, you can provide a name for your course as well as for the teacher, set a different color for that course and add detailed schedule for every single lesson by tapping the plus (+) sign. While on the Edit Lesson screen, you can add/edit information such as room info, class start/end time, weekdays (when the lessons would occur), starting date and the frequency of recurrence of that particular lesson (on weekly basis).

The Homework tab lets you add/edit the description of your homework for a particular course. Tap on the plus (+) sign to add a description and mark it checked when done. Details pertaining to all your homework can be viewed by tapping Menu > Homework.

From the Marks tab, you can add your marks for that course along with specifying the weighted average. You can add multiple marks for a specific course (each time you appear in a test/exam) and the app automatically calculates the average marks for you.

The app, like other apps from the genre, has an auto-silent feature as well. While on the app’s homescreen, tap Menu > Settings and enable the Mute during lessons option. The name says it all!


In addition, you also have the My Class Schedule homescreen widget for quick access. The widget is available in a couple of sizes.

To add a widget to your homescreen, long press on a vacant area and select Widgets > My Class Schedule from the menu. As mentioned earlier, the widget displays your upcoming classes along with the day, course, timing and room number. Although lagging a bit behind on aesthetics, My Class Schedule is purely meant to help you out with keeping a close tab on your classes, homework and most importantly, your fast falling average! My Class Schedule (free) includes ads while there’s an Ad-free variant of the app available in the Market too (for just $1.41).

Download My Class Schedule for Android (Free)

Download My Class Schedule (ads free) for Android (Paid)