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my facecard: Create Self-Updating Business Cards & Bump Your iPhone With Another To Share

Facebook has become much more than a mere social network, as there are many other services that make use of Facebook to bring ease and efficiency to our daily lives. my facecard is one such iOS app, based on the social networking giant, that allows its users to create and share their personal visiting card with complete ease. Much like the recently covered Bump, the cards created via my facecard can be transferred to other app users by bumping your device against theirs. my facecard is focused on making your card look as good as possible, and for that reason, it incorporates a healthy number of photo effects and filters, and lets its users create double-sided cards with different photos on each side. The biggest advantage of having a facecard is that your contacts will always have your up-to-date information automatically.

my facecard iOS my facecard Settings

The only way to log in to the app is through your Facebook account, and once you have allowed my facecard to access your profile, you are good to go. The app will pull all the relevant information from your Facebook page, although you can manually add data as well. In case you want to add your phone number to the card as well, this can be done by editing it. Your facecard will display your chosen photos (one on each side) as well as your name, phone number and email address. Users with whom you share your facecard can contact you right from the main body of the card, and the contact options include Facebook, email, phone call and text messages. From the Settings menu of the app, you can save your facecard as an image, or even block users from viewing or sharing data.

my facecard Filters my facecard Fonts

To create a facecard using this app, you can make use of a number of customization options on offer. If you want, it is possible to link other accounts with your cards rather than just Facebook. A short bio can also be added to the card from the same editing menu. Now, when you come to the visual aspects of the card, they can be customized pretty thoroughly as well. If you are not satisfied with the default images on both sides of your facecard, you can use your iPhone’s camera to snap a photo and use it, or load one from the camera roll. The images you use on the card can be adjusted within the frame by dragging around. There are 4 filters which can be applied to photos with a single touch, and a similar option exists for mirroring images. To adjust the fonts of the text in the boxes, hold your finger over them and use the color and font options available.

You can share your facecard with other my facecard users simply by bumping your device against theirs, and with non-users, through publishing on Facebook. The app is available as a free download at the following link.

Download my facecard

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