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My ShopHaul For iPhone Combines Shopping With Social Networking

My ShopHaul is an iOS app that lets users know what their friends and other contacts are buying these days. It can be considered a social network based on shopping. Not many people like to go shopping alone, but it is not always possible to go with your friends. My ShopHaul is an app which will make you feel like you are out shopping with the people you love. This not only makes shopping an enjoyable experience, but also helps you in discovering latest trends, and to get good prices on your purchases.

My ShopHaul My ShopHaul Sharing Options

My ShopHaul works by connecting with users’ Facebook account. This way, you can share your own buys over the social networking service, as well as view the purchases shared by your friends. There are three ways of sharing a purchase with My ShopHaul; you can load an image from the iPhone’s pictures library, or there is the option to snap a picture using the device camera. In both these cases, you will have to add the name, description and price of the object. The app also provides a field to enter the place from where you bought the item. You can manually add the retailers name, or choose from a list of shops near your current location. However, you can avoid all that if the product you purchased has a barcode on it. If that’s the case, just scan it, and the item will be automatically added to the My Stuff menu, which is a list of all the items you have purchased and shared with other users.

My ShopHaul Feeds My ShopHaul Item My ShopHaul My Stuff

That’s about it for the shopping aspect of My ShopHaul, and now we come to the social networking side of things. Like most social apps, My ShopHaul has a Feeds section, where you can view the recent activity from your friends. Not only that, the Feeds can also be configured to show Popular shares or posts from users located near you. You can tap each shared item to view its details (genre, name and price), and if you think the item is good, you can add your own Like to it. The popular section also shows the latest deals, and if you want, you can find nearby shopping malls using the app as well.

Being a free app, My ShopHaul is pretty useful as an inventory of your purchases, especially with the interaction opportunities it provides.

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