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my365 For iPhone: Apply Filters, Share Photos & Pin Them To Calendar

my365 is an iOS app that has grown quite rapidly in popularity despite being associated with two of the most crowded categories in the App Store; photo editing and social networking. The reason for its popularity might be the perfect blend of these fields that it offers. The app allows you to browse photos from your friends and other users and has a pretty thorough photo editor (including quite a lot of filters). In addition, you can pin every photo you snap with my365 to a particular date on the built-in calendar. For more on these features, read on past the break.

my365 Login my365 Popular

my365 comes with three options to sign up for a new account. You can either use  Twitter or Facebook to log in, or create a username and password just for the app (no email ID required). Once you are past these steps, my365 will offer you suggestions on who you should follow. If you used one of your social networks to sign in, these suggestions will most likely contain your friends. Otherwise, location-based suggestions are generated. All shared photos are publicly visible, and the ones which get favorited the most are visible in the Popular section. You can tap on any photo to view how many comments and likes it has received, and even add some of your own. The Feed section is like your Wall on Facebook and contains all the photos you or the users you follow have published.

my365 my365 Calendar

If you take a photo using my365’s camera, or import a photo into the app from the device’s library, you can resize and/or add a title to it. After a re-adjusted photo has been loaded to the app, you can post it as it is or you can apply filters to it. There are a lot of filters present in the app’s editing section, and even more can be unlocked if you achieve certain milestones (such as liking 6 photos or getting followers). This little feature ensures that users stay active on my365. After the editing is complete, you can post the image to your social network, or pin the photo to a date of your choice in the app’s built-in calendar.

my365 is a pleasant mixture of many things, and provides a lot more functionality than you can get out of most other free apps of its kind. Link to the  my365’s App Store page is provided below.

Download my365

Update: The Android version of the app is out as well, and can be downloaded from the following link.

Download my365 (Android)

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