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MyApartmentMap: Find Affordable Apartments Within US [Android, iOS]

MyApartmentMap is an online location-based apartment finder that aggregates affordable apartment deals and tailor-made rental offers from all over the United States, and lists them on its website. Catering to the needs of smartphone users, the service just recently released its official client for Android and iOS-powered devices.

Using the mobile app, users can now view all apartment deals on an interactive map, and/or filter their search through a variety of filters to land a perfect home for themselves. Ranging from college apartments to the ones that allow pets, MyApartmentMap lets you find and bookmark any sort of housing facility that you’re looking for. More after the break.

MyApartmentMap is a welcome addition to the list of handy apartment finders that include some well-known names such as Trulia For Rent, Airbnb and quite a few others.


MyApartmentMap makes the process of searching for apartments a breeze. It all begins with specifying the exact location (state/city) for your apartment. The screen that follows, lists all search results along with their respective locations, specs and price ranges. To help the app fetch you more precise results, you can tap the Filter button at the top, and provide your required search criteria such as the maximum price, number of beds and the kind of pet you plan on keeping with you in the place. In addition, search results can be sorted in multiple ways such as by distance, rent, or time relevance. To check out all listed apartments on a map, hit the Map button.


Can’t find your dream house? You might be able to find attractive home deals under the Deals tab, complete with included facilities, property description, image galleries, nearby amenities, structure plan, representation of location on map, and lots more. To give you a precise idea of past and forecast rent of properties available in a specific area, the app displays all statistical facts and figures under the Data tab.

Any property that you’re interested in can be bookmarked and viewed later. Bookmarked data can be accessed by tapping the Saved Properties button on the app’s homescreen.


MyApartmentMap comes packed with almost all the features one expects from a service of this kind. Let’s hope that in the coming days, the service expands its location listings beyond the US, and gives its smartphone clients a serious rethink, as they currently appear to be a bit rough around the edges, especially the one for Android.

Download MyApartmentMap for Android

Download MyApartmentMap for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

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