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Mydiamarks: Bookmark Media & Share YouTube Video Timecodes [Android]

Mydiamarks (or simply, My-Media-Bookmarks) is a free app for Android that lets users bookmark their favorite media including audio files (songs, audiobooks etc.) and even YouTube videos. The app has its own native player, music library, YouTube video browser/player and a library that contains all your locally saved bookmarks of audio files as well as the publicly shared YouTube bookmarks (timecodes). Bookmarking with Mydiamarks is simple. While playing some media, just stop/pause on your favorite spot, select the bookmark option and save the bookmark in the app’s library.

If you’re looking for an effective way to resume playing your favorite music or a lengthy audio lecture from where you last left off or if you wish to bookmark a particular point in an entire YouTube video (and share it with the world), then Mydiamarks is for you.

To start using Mydiamarks, you need to log in with a valid Mydiamarks ID or sign up for a new one from within the app for free.


The bookmarking capabilities of Mydiamarks aside, it’s the native music player that’s worth admiring for its elegant interface. The player can be launched by tapping the playing now tab on the app’s homescreen. The my media tab contains all the audio/music files stored in your SD card. Tap on a track to start playing it with the player. To switch between tracks, simply swipe anywhere across the middle of the app’s media player interface.

On this screen, you have your media controls (obviously) but more importantly, you’ll notice a couple of buttons on either side of the controls. The one on the extreme left takes you to your mydiamarks library (can also be accessed by tapping the mydiamarks tab) whereas the button on the extreme right is the one that is perhaps the most important of all; the bookmark (or rather, Mydiamark) button.


As mentioned earlier, Mydiamarks helps you bookmark almost any audio file that is stored on your SD card. While playing a track, tap the bookmark button, drag the small (orange) point on the seek bar to the exact position that you wish to bookmark, add a brief comment/description and you’re done.

To bookmark a YouTube video, tap on the youtube tab, search and play a video, pause the video at your favorite point, swipe acorss the middle of the screen to have the blue +mydiamark button appear on the right and tap it. Alternatively, you can bookmark a YouTube video by tapping Menu > MydiaMark It.

All the bookmarks (Mydimarks) can be accessed from the mydiamarks library where you have separate tabs for your Personal bookmarks and the Popular (YouTube) bookmarks. To manually update content on both said tabs, press the Tap to refresh… button.

The settings tab on the app’s homescreen can be availed to log in/sign up with the Mydiamarks service, toggle the app’s automatic synchronization with the server to update content and to specify the synchronization interval.


On the whole, the app is neatly designed with an iOS-like user-friendly interface and can prove to be a pioneer in its own respect in the media bookmarking genre for smartphones. According to the developers, the iOS variant of Mydiamarks is not too far away from being released on the iTunes App Store.

Download Mydiamarks for Android


  1. Nice App! Perfect for listening to multiple audiobooks. It always keeps track of your bookmarks automatically in multiple files. 

  2. I have looked many times for video bookmarking apps but never found anything before. I was pretty surprised something like this doesnt already exists. Still getting used to the app but I definitely like the youtube bookmarking feature the best so far. Thanks for finding it!

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