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MyRoute Safe Drive For iPhone Alerts You When You’re Driving Too Fast

Navigation and maps apps for iOS are usually pretty expensive, especially if they support offline use. So it’s a pleasant surprise to see a free navigation app for the iPhone, which lets you drive through any city or area while giving you complete information about your current speed and location. Not only that, using MyRoute Safe Drive, you can even get alerted each time you get close to exceeding the speed limit for a particular road or highway.

MyRoute Safe Drive MyRoute Safe Drive Settings

As soon as you launch Safe Drive, it will automatically detect your current location and the map will start displaying you as a blue dot. Below the map, there is a central dial surrounded by four smaller ones. The central dial shows the speed you are currently moving at and the time for which you have been moving, while the other dials display the altitude, time and speed limits of your car. When you are all set to start driving, set up your iPhone in a suitable place on your dashboard (such that it is visible without being much of a distraction) and tap Start.

One downside of the app is that the map is too small and you will have to look really closely to decipher where you are currently headed. Apart from that small problem, the app runs perfectly fine.

You can customize the way Safe Drive runs by tinkering with the options within the app’s Settings menu. The distance unit can be switched between miles and kilometers. It is advisable to turn on Voice Warnings from within the same menu as this makes use of this app safer while driving. This feature will raise an alarm whenever you exceed the speed limit for the area you are currently driving through. You can set the speed limit yourself by tapping on the red circles around the central meter. The street limit is for areas with heavy traffic or narrow roads, while the other limit is applied when you are on a highway.

Although the app is free, you still need to pay $0.99 for each map you buy. Safe Drive can be used pretty efficiently even without purchasing a map, but if you want absolute accuracy and assistance with speed limits, it is better to get one for your area.

The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store. You can grab it at the link provided below.

Download MyRoute Safe Drive

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