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myWho Integrates Contacts & Sorts Them Based On Frequency Of Use [iOS]

Yesterday, we covered an iOS app, Tacts, which brought a completely new interface for viewing your iPhone contacts. However, myWho is an app that takes contacts customization to a whole new level. The app ranks your contacts based on how frequently you interact with them, so that those people stay within easy reach with whom you are most likely to talk in the near future. myWho brings a rather new concept to the mix, so read on to know everything about this useful app.

myWho Town myWho Profile

When you come to think of it, the universally used alphabetical arrangement of entries is not too intuitive in a phone’s address book, and that’s what myWho aims to change. However, before you can use the app, you have to sign up for the service. This can be done in one of two ways; signing in via Facebook, or creating a new myWho account. If you want to create a new account, then beware, for you will be asked for your real phone number, as the app is activated via an access code sent to you by SMS. Once all is set, your contacts will be imported by myWho from the Contacts list in your device. If you chose the Facebook method of logging in, your Facebook friends will show up on the homepage of the app, as well. myWho can be used to integrate contacts from a lot of services other than Facebook, with the list including Twitter, email accounts, and just about any other social networking service.

myWho Feed myWho Shake

The area where all your contacts show up is labeled My Town, and that is the place where your best friends come first in the list, even if their name starts with a ‘Z’. myWho is meant to be a one-stop shop for all your social media needs, as using the Friend Feed, you can view all your friends’ activity, no matter which service they are on (much like the People hub in Windows Phone 7). You can also check in to your current location via the Shake-in feature, which requires you to just shake your device after navigating to that menu. Your Shake-in will be shared across your network, with people you have chosen as close friends. If, for some reason, your best friends aren’t at the top of your Town, you can manually change any person’s position in the app.

myWho is a free app, and to view your contacts in a different light, you can get it from the download link below.

Download myWho

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