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Naked Trailers Now On Android: Enjoy HQ Trailers Of New & Vintage Movies

ReelzChannel has been consistently providing TV viewers with quality content relevant to their favorite movies for a while now. Their popular show, Naked Trailers, is dedicated to bringing you trailers, previews, celebrity interviews, reviews, special features, and video clips pertaining to all the latest as well as previously released movies and featurettes. The Naked Trailers mobile client has been availbale in the iOS App Store for quite some time, and now, has been released for Android as well. The app provides you easy and free access to an amazingly rich video repository that features movie trailers from even the early 1940’s. Whether you wish to take a glance at the trailer of a movie that is scheduled to be aired on Reelz TV, in a nearby theater, via a soon-to-be-released DVD, from your favorite past decade, or is close to being released all over the world, Naked Trailers has you covered nicely.


Finding trailers of upcoming recently-released movies is not a big issue nowadays. Naked Trailers, on the other hand, doesn’t only provide trailers for all such movies, but older movies as well.

The app’s interface is efficient, to say the least. By using simple swipe gestures, you can easily switch back and forth between the various tabs that the UI is divided into. The app opens to a section for featured Reelz TV trailers. Swipe left or right across the screen to view trailers of movies currently in theaters, those of upcoming releases, of movies from past decades, from the 90’s all the way to the early 40’s.


Tapping a movie’s thumbnail displays all the video content listed under that particular title. To play a trailer (or other featured video clips), just tap the play button.


For further convenience, the app lets you search for required movie titles, set the preferred video quality, and your current location. It also maintains a detailed log of all the various movie trailers that you’ve viewed so far. To help the app reach appropriate search results, make sure that you’re currently standing on the same column/tab from where you wish to fetch the required movie’s trailer, that is, if you’re looking for the trailer of, say Jumanji, or Se7en, make sure to hit Menu > Search while on the 90’s tab. As of now, the app does not have a native video player, which means that all video clips are played via the stock player or third-party media players.

Download Naked Trailers For Android

Download Naked Trailers For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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