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Namerick For iPhone: Memorize People’s Names & Tasks Related To Them

You might be surprised to know the percentage of people who have trouble with remembering names of their acquaintances, and, at times, even friends and relatives. Your contacts are not likely to take it well if you call them using a wrong name, and you certainly won’t be able to get into their good books. If you are one of those people whose memory fails them whenever it is needed the most, despair not, as help has arrived. Meet Namerick, a new iOS app which will make sure that you memorize the names of all your contacts with ease. Not only that, if you have Namerick on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will be able to set up reminders related to individual contacts, and never forget anything about the people you meet often.

Namerick iPhone Namerick Profile

There is no account creation or signing up required for using Namerick, and you can start using the app as soon as you have it installed on your iDevice. Namerick starts off with a thorough, graphical tutorial, covering all the aspects of this app. The first thing you need to do is to start adding your contacts to Namerick. This can be done by tapping the ‘+’ button in the top bar. There are two main sections of each contact entry, including full name, description and the location where the entry was created. You can customize the location as well.

Namerick Category Namerick Task Namerick Shortcut

For each added contact, you have to specify a category or group to which they belong. The default categories include Work, Friend, Family and Crush. You can not choose multiple categories for a single person, and once you have chosen that, you are free to add any description or related notes about their personality. Namerick will also let its users create tasks related to each person, and the categories for tasks include Email, Call/ Text and many other similar options. After specifying the particulars of a contact, you can move on to creating a namerick for the person. A namerick is actually a mnemonic which is designed by professionals to help you memorize a name with complete ease. You can keep flipping through the presented options until you find one which looks the most suitable for you. The namerick will appear at the bottom of the contact’s profile.

Namerick Home Namerick Settings

After you have added the contacts to the app, Namerick will start pushing reminders to you, containing the generated namericks for your contacts. You can customize the interval between each reminder from the Settings menu. Namerick lets its users search through the contacts list, and you can start using it as an alternative address book.

If you want to improve your memory particularly when it comes to remembering names, Namerick is the perfect app for you. You can grab it from the link below for free.

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