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NCSettings: Elegant System Settings Toggles For Notification Center [Cydia]

Designed to let users toggle system settings quickly, SBSettings is undoubtedly one of the most useful Cydia tweaks for jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The tweak is so popular that there are many others that try to emulate its functionality. It is always convenient to have an easily accessible way of using Settings without having to launch the stock Settings app, and navigating through a lot of options. With the release of iOS 5, Notification Center became the most easily accessible area of iOS, other than the Springboard. This is why the new Cydia tweak named NCSettings might prove to be an instant success among users, as it provides yet another way to bring system settings toggles to the Notification Center, and the icing on the cake is that it fits perfectly with the stock UI.

NCSettings Oprtions NCSettings Widget

After you have installed NCSettings on your iDevice, no Springboard icon will be added to it, and just a new menu will appear in the stock Settings app. It is in this menu that you can choose the which you want to enable in the widget, and which ones you want hidden. The menu also lists a few helpful tips regarding NCSettings. Majority of toggles in the widget are for basic system settings, but there are a few others as well, like the respring button. When you are done choosing the toggles to be displayed, exit the menu and swipe down to bring the Notification Center onto the screen. You should see a new bar added within it, containing toggles/buttons for all chosen settings. Here is a complete list of all the toggles offered by the tweak.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Volume (opens a bar for controlling the volume of ringer and music, just like in SBSettings)
  • Brightness (just like the volume button)
  • Lock Rotation
  • Cellular Data
  • Location Services
  • Bluetooth
  • Airplane Mode
  • Respring

An interesting feature of the tweak is that it is possible to reorder the toggles in NCSettings any way you want right from within the notification center. All you have to do is tap, hold and drag the desired icon to the desired location. Most other tweaks of this kind only let you do so from within their settings menus. NCSettings is available for free within the ModMyi repo. The tweak provides a nice alternative to SBSettings, and can become even better if the developer adds a few more buttons to the mix in future updates.


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